Friday, June 5, 2009

Converting Campaign Cartographer Files to XAML Revisited

I have spent a lot of time working with Campaign Cartographer 3, Adobe Illustrator CS, Corel Draw 12, and Expression Blend 3. I finally came up with a solution on how to create a XAML file from Campaign Cartographer 3. CC3 will export a Windows Metafile (.emf). Adobe Illustrator CS sometimes has problems with these files. The solution is to open the .emf file in Corel Draw and save the result as an Adobe Illustrator file. This also offers the opportunity to convert all the text to curves. Adobe is very proprietary about fonts. Converting text to curves fools Adobe Illustrator and you have no more issues with fonts, at the cost of a bigger file.

After saving the file as an Adobe Illustrator file from Corel Draw you need to load the file into Adobe Illustrator and save it out again. Expression Blend 3 will not load the files created by Corel Draw. Adobe Illustrator adds "[converted]" to the file name when it saves the file.

Now you can load the converted Adobe Illustrator file directly into Expression Blend. You may need to do a few transformations to move and scale the map but it works.

If you export something small from CC3, then you must scale it up in Corel Draw. Full maps work without the need to scale it up.

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