Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Philadelphia Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG)

I attended a meeting of the Philadelphia Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG). This was a great opportunity to meet other technology executives. It was a small get together of about twelve at a local restaurant. TENG helps those “in transition” find new positions. One of the interesting topics discussed tonight was personality testing. Today, I took an assessment test for a position I applied for. The test had several parts including a personality test. Several other people at the TENG meeting have taken similar tests. Everyone at the meeting who had been required to take a personality test for a job didn’t get the job. This was a small sample, only a couple of people. One person mentioned they had a first, second, and third interview before taking the personality test. The hiring company did not offer a job after three interviews. Was the result of the personality test the reason? Companies never answer that question. The discussion about why personality test could be necessary was interesting. I can see how they could help, I just wonder about the cost effectiveness of personality testing. I hope I buck the trend and get offered the job.

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