Thursday, December 18, 2008

Technology Professionals Networking Group (TPNG) Meeting

I attended the Technology Professionals Networking Group (TPNG) meeting tonight. The speaker was Kimberle Levin, president and CEO of Teknuko. Ms. Levin talked about “schmoozing”. It was an interesting and lively presentation. She mentioned that little things matter a lot. For example, at a networking opportunity you should have your name tag on the right. When you shake hands with someone their eyes will follow up your arm to your name tag. I admit, I never thought of that or ever heard anyone mention why you would wear your name tag on one side or the other. Ms. Levin gave several examples from her personal life how “schmoozing” and networking worked to her advantage. She gave some interesting examples of how to correctly shake someone’s hand, and how not to shake someone’s hand. All in all, it was a fascinating presentation. I hope to go through the slides to her presentation in detail.

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